AKAI internal HD

Q) Can I mount an internal HD in my 3000XL?

A) Yes if you have the so called "Internal mounting KIT" that should be available from AKAI distributers - but with a little skill you can manage to fit the drive in by yourself by modelling a frame to fix the drive to your AKAI - ofcourse you'll have to modify the drive power supply cable so you can double it and power your HD too. Personally I don't think there is any point in installing an internal HD and that's why I think this argument is so vague: with all the removable storage one can find today the HD are being used less and with the 510MB limit, the removable storage is a better buy. If one desperately wants a HD he can always connect one externally that I think is the better and safer solution: no excess drain on the AKAI's power supply and less overheating problems - the AKAIs are already critical on that.