Here's my little (but effective)
Home Studio!

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This is my equipment a little more in detail:

- Roland Juno 106 (enough said...)
- Roland JX-8P (never underestimate this one!)
- Roland JD-990 (this one's a HYPE...)
- KORG Prophecy (no not Prodigy...;)
- AKAI 3000XL expanded to 32MBs + Iomega Zip + Pioneer DRU-124x CDROM + Plextor CDr 4x8x
- Novation Basstation Rack
- Alesis QuadraVerb
- Lexicon MXP100
- Behringer Autocom
- Behringer MX8000 + Yamaha Pro 01V
- Tascam DA-20

   PC Specs & components:

- PC Specs: P3 933MHz, 512MB PC133 RAM, Asus CUSL2-C, Matrox G450 DH, 2x 17", 2x IBM IC35 40GB 7200rpm, Symbios C810 PCI USCSI adapter, OS Win 98SE

- Creamware Pulsar 2

- MOTU Microexpress (LPT version, no support under 2K!)

   My Bro's DJ mixing stuff:

- 2x Technics SL-1210 black

- Gemini x-mixer

- Pioneer CD Mixer/player

   As of today (7/Dec/2001) we have sold the MX-8000, quadraverb and basstation as we really no longer needed this equipment due to the additional versatility offered by the Pulsar 2 enviroment with it's effects combined with the great improvement in quality of DX and VST plugins. 

Last updated on 7-12-01