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Last update: 5-2-2003

Please note that there is also my AKAI links page to visit with more info!

*Latest updates*

Tired of MESA bugs?
Try checking out Millenium and NiceWave!

SCSI Adapter compatibility list
NEW MESA 2 PC Version Released (2-3-2000)(*)

(*)Note for MAC MESA 2 users regarding new MAC version

AKAI CD-ROM compatibility list
AKAI registry key for WIN9x with install guide
OS2.0 Tips for use with Win95/98

PLEASE NOTE: MESA PC and MESA2 PC and other related PC apps (Millenium/Nicewave) will work *only* with the s2000 and all XL versions (3000XL, 3200XL, CD3000XL) NO OTHER OLDER NOR RECENT MODELS!