I have made a FAQ list just for these types of problems!

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The AKAI Mailing List

If you want to actively participate in discussions on techniques and treat various problems on any type of AKAI equipment or you simply feel lost and without support (oops!), please join us at the akai mailing list at It is a very resourceful place for everybody! The list address has changed twice so the old links will need updating. Here is the new link with all the info on how to subscribe and here are the 2 prior links of the old list pages just for reference (they may eventually go down): Scott Evans's list and Jeremy's list.  The new list admin is Mike who is very active in maintaining it. We must all thank Scott Evans for his hard work in giving life to this great list around 1995! It has been and will be one of the most important places you will refer to in the future regarding AKAI pro music equipment!

Here are a few links to get some useful info and utilities for AKAI samplers:

Jules's AKAI FAQ - A Historical AKAI FAQ milestone page!(No longer operational!)

AKAI S2000/S3000/S900 Disk Image Editor - Michael Kane's AKAI disk editor solution

Millenium - the best MESA alternative

NiceWave - another MESA type tool using the "plugin" style for functionality - check this out!

CDXtract - Read AKAI CDROMs from your PC's IDE or SCSI CDROM and MUCH more!

Zic Web Midi Tools - nearly everything you need from file converters to OS converters

DISK2FILE V1.3 (TOOLS page) - a link to the SCSI RAW DATA to ISO format converter

AKAI Pro Home Page - where you can find MESA PC software, manuals and more

Akai-DISK Home Page - the only actual DOS-AKAI-DOS utility that works ok!

MesaFix - Registry key for fixing disappeared MESA 2 PC windows (just double click on it).

AKAI INF file - for removing that bugging yellow question mark from the system (only for win95/98)

Here are some common used utils for PC:

Teledisk - A little util to create a file image of a whole floppy disk and viceversa

ASPICHK - Adaptec's aspicheck util, to see if your aspi library set is updated and of the same family


Here are a few cool web sites for creating and emulating analogue synths with your soundcard:

Propellerhead Web Page - this can't be missed!

Audio Sim Home Page - check this DOS analogue style emulator!

And here are some links to sites where you can find various infos on keyboards or expanders and links to other "packed" sites:

The Synthzone - very very complete, you can find any sort of instrument with it's specs.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any problems on scsi chains on whatever kind of instrument or PC - I'll be happy to help time permitting ;-). If you want to come and CHAT then join us on EFNET in #AKAI - I'll be happy to meet you.

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Last updated on 7-12-2001