Ok, so after having been for a while on the AKAI mailing list and having noticed how much pain and agony all you AKAI-ers out there go through in connecting, or should I say, attempting to establish a connection between your AKAI and your PC, I decided to put up this FAQ list in order to help you out of your agony;) As always, I will insert the usual disclaimer statement: I assume NO responsibility whatsoever directly or indirectly, in what damage you may cause to your beloved appliances, host adaptors and even your own Hard Disk included all the software and data in it! I am NOT there with you so I cannot be sure what you do, and HOW you do it by eventually misinterpreting or misjudging this FAQ. Said this, just sit tight, BE COOL and have FAITH in your PC and of course READ THIS FAQ CAREFULLY!

The FAQs are divided into two sections: Hardware and Software related. They are put, according to me, in order of importance and frequency and GROUPED according to the type of argument and subsequent reply. As you may notice, I have tried to keep them amusing despite the tech talk:) This FAQ list is not complete yet and I may re-arrange it so don't be alarmed if you find it confusing, I'm just experimenting :) If you don't find your specific question in the index just click on the main argument and read it - the reply will very probably will be there!

If you have not found your reply here, or think that this FAQ is not what you were looking for, then here is the link to a very complete AKAI FAQ list:

Goto Jules's AKAI FAQ list


If you are not already aware of it, there is an AKAI mailing list where you will find nearly all you want to know and where you can share your problems and pains with the other AKAI users! Check out my AKAI page for the details.